This class is for you if:

1. Your followers aren't growing or you seem to be attracting the wrong ones who aren't active and aren't buying.

2. You're launching to crickets, each time you make an offer it seems as if no one clicks anything, much less makes your PayPal ring or your Stripe sing.

3. You want to understand how to offer digital products that your audience will rave about.

4. You're stumped on how to create content for Instagram that moves your audience to your website so you can build ongoing relationships.

5. You are ready to grow and you don't understand how to use Instagram Ads to scale your business to the next level.

6. You're ready to drive daily traffic to make $500, $1000, or more every day from your Instagram page.


How to Create, Launch, and Market Your First Digital Product.

In this FREE live training you'll learn:

  • Why Digital Products?

  • How To Determine Which Products Fit Your Business?

  • Tools/Sites Needed to Create Your Products

  • 10 Ways To Sell Your Products

  • 10 Types of Products to Create 

  • How To Price Your Products

  • How To Market And Create Sales Funnels.


Canva has earned one of my B.A.E. (Building An Empire) tags and has helped me to raise my graphics game without spending a fortune on a graphics designer.

I know Photoshop is supposed to be the golden standard for graphics but I needed something that wasn't going to require a whole degree to learn how to use and Canva perfectly fits that bill.

Canva: Unlocked teaches:

The Difference Between Canva Vs. Canva for Work.

Where To Get Amazing Stock Images

What Can You Create In Canva:

How To Create:

Blog Post Graphics

Social Media Graphics



Ebooks and more!