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What Students Are Saying:

I'm currently on the first ebook and this is absolutely amazing! I started my company about 8 months ago, and had already mapped out my business plan on I THOUGHT I was good to go in that area, but I was wrong. This first eBook breaks it all the way down, and makes it much more personal. I am loving this bundle so much already!! Thank you, Cici.


This is well worth the money spent CiCi - thanks so much for pouring out so much work of your own so that we all can benefit from this. I am so excited to just sit and write our my plan!


I am so glad that I made the investment... This is exactly what I needed to re-evaluate my business mission and re-align my goals. This first course has caused me to really sit down and think on the direction and strategies necessary to move my business in the direction that will support expected success. Thank you CiCi!


I am beyond thankful to receive such in value added insight. The steps are clear and concise. Thank You CiCi! This truly is going to help me reboot and launch my fitness lifestyle page. 


I loved this! I have paid thousands and feel this has been the best value to give me clear and concise steps to complete and get me where I need to be with the ebook.


I am so glad my friend recommended me to you. After completing my
assignment, I see the clients, the opportunities and the money rolling in!! Thank you so much this was very helpful and easy.


For just $25 get the following 25 ebooks and trainings:


  • The Ultimate Business Plan For Business Owners (2018 Version)

  • Breaking The Blocks- How To Break Through Money Blocks

  • Say Hello To Sales- How To Create Your Sales Funnel

  • 30 Things I Learned To Make $1,000,000.

  • 7 Steps To Create Your eBook

  • The Ultimate Guide to Instagram 3.0 (2018 Version)

  • 30 Day Business Planner

Brand Like A Boss

  •  Day 1- How to Brand Yourself to Stand Out In A Saturated Market

  • Day 2- Ideal Clients= Golden Clients. How to Create Buyers, Not Just Followers.

  • Day 3- How To Build A Basic Brand Plan ( More Than A Pretty Brand.)

  • Day 4- How To Advertise For Your Brand

  • Day 5- How To Monetize Your Brand 

Grow 100

  • Day 1- Get Clarity- Why are you using Instagram and who do you need to attract?

  • Day 2- Tag This- The New Hashtag Rules

  • Day 3- Content That Connects

  • Day 4- Creating Content 

  • Day 5- Scheduling for Success

Creating Content

  • Write The Check-Getting Started With eBooks.

  • Instagram Rescue 

  • IG Replay- 5 Mistakes You’re Making On Instagram

  • IG Replay- Mindset

  • 7 Keys To Building A Profitable Online Business

  • Make 1K

  • The $100K Year

  • Stop Hustling Backwards