Instagram is a goldmine for your business once you learn to use it the right way. This eBook is exactly what you need to build your foundation for a great Instagram page and turn dull, boring pages into daily profit paths.

It's the perfect manual to ready yourself for scale up your Instagram income or if you are just beginning it can be a step by step guide to the Instagram world. 

It has all of the tools I've used to grow to over 400,000 followers and make over $1,000,000 from the 'Gram in the last 4 years.

The new version includes:

Over 100 Pages of content.

All sections have been revamped with the most recent information on how to be a badass business on Instagram.

Posting Schedules/ Instagram Glossary/ Instagram Stories

Instagram Live/ IG Direct Message/ Links in Bio

Planning for Instagram/ Creating Photo Challenges

How To Gain More Followers/ How to Get Epic Engagement

What You May Be Doing To Lose Followers/ Instagram Profit Paths

Instagram Ads- 3 Types You Should Run and more...



@dystined2shine- Already reading mine! I love the "Define your ideal client" questions.....very practical and easier to answer than others I've seen. Thanks Cici☺

@iamseritag-Loving this book received this AM #grateful ... Looking forward to the video serious ☺️

@shrinkinglady86--I'm so happy I have mine, can't wait to dig in. The graphics and layout are amazing!

@studioyvonneThanks! Just got mine, looking through it now, I am glad I got this, and I am so thankful for your insight and the work you do. Again many thanks Cici!