Instagram has changed again and it's time to make sure you have all of the new rules and know how to apply them to your business to continue to see growth!


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram 3.0- The New Rules!

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Have you logged into your page lately and thought, "Man, what the what? Something else has changed and I barely had a grasp on the last change!"

From new rules about hashtags,(have you heard about the dreaded shadowban? It took 4 days to get my account back when it happened to me, do you know what to do in the meantime?) to understanding the new engagement guidelines.

Do you post in the morning or do you post in the evening?

Should you post standing in your bathtub doing a handstand just to get the smallest amount of attention?

How about those Instagram Stories? How should you be using them for your business? Do your people even care about your Stories? How are they different from your regular timeline?

Did you know Instagram has brought new features to the desktop version that can make running your page easier, and you're not always tied to your phone?

How about the infamous comment/like pods? Are they worth your time?

And that's just a few of the questions I'm asked on a daily basis, so I get it. 

Instagram can be a beast if you don't have the guide to navigate these social media waters and that's where the Ultimate Guide to Instagram 3.0 comes in.

The previous version, the Ultimate Guide 2.0 was full of great content to build the foundation of your page and you've got the basics covered.

You know to post daily, you know that content is queen, and of course you know to talk to your audience, so this new version isn't going to rehash the things you already know. 

The Ultimate Guide 3.0 is for those business owners who are ready to tap into the FULL potential of Instagram. 

It's for those who want to stop the hashtag wars and understand how to use them to gain traffic that turns into clicks to their website and dollars in their bank account.

It's for those who want it to go down in the DM and connect to their audience and easily add them to their mailing list or direct them to the right products.

It's for those who want post smarter, not randomly and hope that someone will notice, let's create a real marketing plan.

Is that you?

The Ultimate Guide 3.0 is now ready for preorders and as a previous buyer you have first access to both the new eBook and my next Instagram Masterclass, Instagram: Unlocked 2.0)

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