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It's Time To Prepare Yourself for Success!

The first half of 2018, has come to an end and you realize as you look over your business goals you're still in the same place today as you were on January 1st.

It's time to get out of your own way, invest in your business and let's start collecting your coins! 

Do you want to:

  • Run your business
  • Build your brand
  • Create amazing content for your tribe
  • And make money doing what you love.

Nodding yes? You're in the right place. Now comes the most important question, does it have to be hard?


I know your pain, over the last 5 years, I've tried, tested, or heard of just about every system out there that you "need" to run a successful online business, so I know what it takes to build a brand that will grow with your audience and how to offer them the products they will crave. 

It's Time To Prepare Yourself for Success!

Why Is This Bundle For You?

1. Affordable.

Many who need business tools are in the sticky situation of needing to make more money to afford the tools but needing the tools to make more money. That's kind of hard. This bundle is full of crazy useful tools at an epic price. 

2. Easy access.

Everyone learns at different speeds and some will need to rewatch or listen to certain lessons again. The bundle is self paced so you can learn in your own time. The videos are stored in a course on Teachable so you can watch them from your computer, your tablet, or your phone at any time.

3. Community support.

Where would we be without the support of our tribe? With this bundle, you'll also get access to the new SFC Army private Facebook so you can work along with others who are growing their businesses as well as tips and strategies directly from the Six Figure Chick.

4. Proven strategies, not theories. This is a major part. I don't teach things that "may" work because I've heard about them on the internet or social media. I give you exactly what has worked for me and break the strategies down step by step. The same strategies I've used to make nearly $2 million dollars in the last 5 years.

This bundle is designed for the rich chick in the making who is coming for everything they said she couldn't have this year.  

It's ideal for that boss babe who has decided to put excuses and circumstances to the side and is ready to put in work.  

I'm talking to the lady boss who is building her digital empire this year and is ready to stand out and be noticed.  

Everything you need to build a brand that banks in included in this incredible bundle. 


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What's In The Bundle:

How To Build An Email From Scratch 

How To Create An eCourse

How To Create A Digital Product in 24 Hours or Less

How To Create A Squarespace Site From Scratch

How To Start A Profitable Online Business

How to Create A Branded Digital Product In Canva

How To Make $5-10K Each Month With Digital Products

How To Sell In Your DMs Pt. 1&2

The $7K in 7 Days Series (7 Videos)