The Epic Guide to eBooks

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Introducing, The Epic Guide to Ebooks.

This ebook on how to write eBooks, (yes that is a thing.) is exactly what you need to get your thoughts from idea to income.

eBooks were my first product in 2013 and have become one of my favorite and most consistent sources of income.

I know it can sound a little overwhelming to write a book, and I won’t say it doesn’t take effort, but one of the best things about eBooks is that once you’ve written it beyond some updates and tweaks as you see fit, you can sell it indefinitely as long as the content remains relevant.

So ask yourself:

Would you like to add author to your list of accomplishments?

Are you ready to help more people while doing less work?

Do you want to get paid for your knowledge on a daily basis?

Do you feel as if you just have tons of knowledge that needs to be shared, but you have no idea where to begin?

Do you want to stop answering every question and feeling like you’re giving away everything for free?

Well the answer you are looking for has arrived!!!

Has it ever crossed your mind to write an eBook? 

It’s time to package up your knowledge and monetize your magic.

The Epic Guide to Excellent eBooks takes you through 5 steps to take you from idea to income!

Step 1: How to Get Your Audience to Tell You Exactly What They Want and Are Willing to Pay.

Step 2: How to Turn Their Questions, DMs, Inboxes and Questions Into Your eBook Outline.

Step 3: How Create Your Fantastic eBook in Canva, Step by Step.

This step has a 33 Minute Canva tutorial with the 7 Pages Your eBook should Have.

Step 4: So You’ve Got An eBook, How Do you Deliver Your Product?

Step 5: How to Market Your Magic to The Masses.

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