Are you ready to launch or relaunch your brand but feeling overwhelmed with all of the steps and have no idea where to begin?

I recently started the process to rebrand my first business from It Starts With Juice to She So Keto and decided to document the process in my Instagram Story. What I thought was going to be a quick buy a new website and choose a name task, became this long to-do list of things I had forgotten needed to be completed to launch with confidence.

Did I have new brand colors? Had I determined a new client avatar? Did I need to set up a new email account? Wait, where was my new site going to be? What products would I sell? What about Instagram and other social media platforms? Did they need to be set up now? What did my new website need to have? How was my blog going to be formatted? And the list went on and on!

If my short to do list turned into a full blown project and I consider myself pretty well versed in brand building, I can only imagine what someone who has never built a brand before would be going through! So I asked what questions did you guys have about starting a new brand and then created this workshop!




How would you like to walk through a step by step process with me that goes from choosing your brand name and website to posting your first or next 9 photos on Instagram?

Would you like to know when you need to start completely over or when you can do a rebrand for a current business?

How about finally getting your Squarespace site up with the core pages you need to start attracting people to your business?

Are you ready to start your new email list with Convertkit|Seva and create your first freebie that will get people onto your list?

And let's talk about sales? How would you like to have a new sales funnel that will help you qualify potential clients and turn clicks into dollars in the bank?

I'm teaching this new workshop on Tuesday, July 31st, at 6 P.M. Central.

So if you're ready to have a clear path to launch with confidence, sign up below.

(The first 100 seats will be discounted to $47, the full price for this workshop will be $97!)

Here are a few more details about the workshop. I will walk you through 6 key steps:

Step 1- What is your new brand? 

Do you need to create a fully new brand or can you give your current brand a new coat of paint?

When to go new?| When to rebrand?

Who does your brand|rebrand serve?

The Brand Mission-

Who do you want to help and how?

What are 3 main points your new audience will be able to achieve with your brand?

How to search the trademark registry.

Step 2- Styling

Your style guide-

Brand Fonts


Brand board/ Pinterest board



Step 3- The Website

How to start your website. (On Squarespace.)

Landing Page/Coming Soon Page

Essential Pages-

Landing/Coming Soon Page


About Me/Contact


Instagram/SM Links Page


Freebie Page

Step 4- The Email

How to set up your professional email. 

How to start your email list and create your first freebie.

How to set up Convertkit|Seva

Product Integration


Step 5- The Products

Your first product-

What is your audience asking for?

What has been successful in the past?

How does your freebie lead to your product? 

Your first email sales funnel


Step 6- Social Media- Your 1st or next 9 posts.

Reengage or build an audience.