The $100K Year

5 Keys You Need to Reach $100K or More A Year With Your Digital Business


Join me on May 28th, 2018 at 11 A.M. Central to learn how I turned my knowledge into multiple six figure years and how you can do the same with digital products.

This class is perfect for anyone who has been selling digital products such as eBooks, webinars, courses, classes, or any type of services such as coaching, consults, tutoring, etc. 

So ask yourself:

Do I need to figure out where the disconnect is with my audience?

Do I want to learn how to catch their attention and make them want to open their wallets?

Do I want to confidently create content and products that they will be begging to buy?

Am I tired of wondering how often to post or if livestream is right for my business?

Nodding yes? Tired of the struggle? 

Then mark your calendar and set your alarm to join me for this free Masterclass.

(Note the class is free live only, replays will be available to purchase.)

This class will cover:

The $100K Year

Customer Paths- How To Attract and Build Repeat Clients

Tracking Traffic- What Stats Should You Be Tracking and How Do You Project Growth?

Placing Products- How To Advertise and Present Your Products To New And Returning Clients

Livestreams- Do You Need to Go Live For Your Business? What Other Forms Can You Present In?

Emails- How To Get Started With Your List and the Best Ways To Grow.

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