Would you like to slay your brand in December and begin 2017 with 3 new products, a working sales funnel, a raving audience full of people just waiting to open their wallets and make it rain for your products? If so the Sleigh Your Brand December Challenge is just what you need! Read on for more details and to enroll in the last challenge of 2016!


Hey Brand Builder! If you've read this far something caught your attention.

You're tired of trying to understand what type of sales funnel you need to start making real money.

You already have a mailing list set up, but have no idea what to email them and you don't understand why your open rate is so low. Being honest, you don't understand what an open or conversion rate or why it's important.

You have attended webinar, after webinar and left feeling like you could host your own class, you just need the step by step process.

These are common complaints from the hundreds of businesses I have helped this year alone and I'm putting on my Captain Save A Brand cape and extending this invitation to you to join my last challenge of 2016 and let's slay your brand!



The "Sleigh" December Challenge is broken down into 4 weekly assignments focusing on the following areas:

Webinars that Work, Lit List, Slay Your Sales, and Go Live.

Each week you will receive tasks for each area so that by the end of the challenge you will:

1. Build a mailing list that buys and continuously grows.

2. Have the blueprint to create a webinar that sells and builds your business.

3. Understand and easily create sales funnels that work.

4. Get over fears of going live and effortlessly build traffic.

Join us here! Only 50 Spots are available!