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What does it take to build a brand from scratch to six figures?


Richly Branded will take you through three key steps to building an online powerhouse:

Lesson One- Define, Refine, and Attract Your Ideal Clients. This lesson goes so much deeper than the average age, location and relationship status that most use to create their ideal client. I will introduce you to "Bri" and help you discover your own secret sauce to the client who will not only buy from you but become a fan of your brand,

Lesson Two- Speak the Language of $$$, Copy That Connects, and Content that Collects. With your new business bestie firmly in mind lesson two will teach you how to use this newfound insight to speak the language of your ideal and easily craft copy and content that will make them fall in love with your brand over and over. Your clients will feel as if you're reading their minds every time you post.

Lesson Three- Creating Your Social Media Strategy. This lesson will help you to easily create weekly or monthly content calendars full of exactly what your audience is seeking. Gone will be the days of what should I post, or posting to crickets. You will be able to confidently execute your strategy and easily repeat the process each week or month.

Bonus Lesson- The Reinvestment- How do you use your money to make more money? This bonus lesson will teach you how to reach out for brand collaborations, how to run Instagram ads, and books you need to read now to grow your business.