Do you need help coming up with a digital product idea for your online business? 

Digital products are my bread and butter and I love to create something new everyday. That being said, I do understand that sometimes the creation process can be super frustrating and more often than not you're staring blankly at an empty screen wondering what in the world your audience wants from you. 

Help me, help you.

I am creating a digital product idea book and I need your input.

The book will cover different industries and I will research the current trends for the top industries and provide you with at least 3 ideas for an eBook, a webinar, or a workshop, and the steps you'll need to go from idea to income.

For example:

Industry: Nail Technician


How To Get Started As A Nail Technician in 5 Easy Steps

Licenses, Locations, And Learning- How To Get Your First Clients As A New Tech


How To Use Social Media To Attract New Clients As A Nail Technician

Sales Funnel:

Freebie To Get New List Sign Ups:

3 Mistakes New Technicians Make and How to Avoid Them

Emails To Send:

Are you a nail tech or a nail artist? (Introduce yourself and your brand)

Nailed It- What I've Learned As A Nail Technician- (Showcase your expertise and invite to learn more, first offer.)

Tippin' Around-  New Techniques In The Industry ( full offer for eBook.)

Did I Miss the Point?- (Followup email and final offer.)

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