Hey guys!!

I'm on a mission to help 100 businesses make $10K or more this summer with digital products!

Is that you?

By now I'm sure that you have heard of my love affair with digital products. I'm recently reached my $500,000 in sales milestone for this year and digital products are how I teach my audience, share my knowledge and help others grow their businesses.

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I love getting testimonials like this from @theartofstationery who earned after almost $7,000 from her first webinar so my mission this summer is to help you share your knowledge.

After having many conversations, I've discovered most of you are falling into these categories:

1. You have no idea where to start with offering digital products to your audience.

2. You don't feel as if your information is valuable.

3. You have products but they aren't selling.

4. Your sales are hit and miss and you need a strategy for ongoing income.

5. You are overwhelmed at the thought of the tech that's needed to offer digital products.

Well I've got you covered!

My normal group coaching is $497, but for this program I am offering a discount and signing up the next 100 businesses for just $100 which will enroll you in the 30 day coaching program.

This 30 Day Program will cover the following;

Week 1- The Pain

What problem is your audience facing that they are willing to pay to have solved?

Week 2- The Product

What digital product is going to be best for your audience and how to create it?

Week 3- The Path

What marketing strategy should you use to promote your products?

Week 4- The Profit

What steps do you need to take to put everything together?

This program begins on July 7th, 2019.

The program includes:

Access to 4 Live Masterclasses and Recorded Replays. Classes are each Sunday in July, all classes are recorded and you'll have access to the content for a year.

Discussion Threads to ask questions for each class.

Weekly Homework

30 Day Engagement Challenge

Click here to enroll: https://sixfigchick.samcart.com/products/the-100--q3/

I'm getting on the road for the next few hours so if you have any questions, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram.

Talk soon!