Hi Brand Builder!!!


Thanks for investing in your business with the Promote Me Cici Promotions!


Send the following information to ask@thesixfigurechick.co to schedule your promotion.

Use Subject Line: Promote Me Cici

Your Name/Business Name/Instagram Page

Your Promo Photo

Your Ad Caption.

Please note I have the right to refuse a promotion if it does not align with The Six Figure Chick brand, and will refund your promotion fee. Promotions begin on May 15 and will be posted in the order received, except for competing businesses. The schedule will be adjusted so that a variety of businesses will be posted each day.

Here’s how it works:

My Instagram page has over 164,000 followers that like, comment, and most importantly buy quality products. With your promotion I will post your photo and ad as a SFC Business Spotlight. This will give you a chance to grow your traffic and grow your sales.

Keep in mind that no promotion is a guarantee of increased sales or followers. I can only present the information to my audience, your content will determine if they will become part of your community, interact with you, or make a purchase.

For the promotions I do have a few tips for the best results.

#1 Use high quality images, lifestyle photos, clear product photos, and pictures that show the audience the behind the brand work well.

#2 Have your page up to date and continue with the quality images. Ideally. Post 2-3x per day leading up to your promotion time.

#3- You will receive the date and time of your promo once it is scheduled. In the days leading up to your promo, stock your page with great content that describes what you do and shows how you help your audience. Most new traffic will check out the most recent photos before deciding to like or follow.

#4- Use your promotion to build your mailing list so you can build on the attention. Have your freebie or opt-in posted on the day of your promotion.

#5- Use Linktr.ee. You want anyone who clicks on the link in your bio to easily find all of your information. Linktr.ee allows you to show multiple links from the single Instagram link. 

Happy Business Building!

Email ask@thesixfigurechick.co if you have any questions.