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Video #1- A is for Audience

A for Audience.

Your audience will be the bread and butter of your business.

It's who you will research to get ideas for content, it's who you will pitch your ideas to buy your products and it's who will grow with you and become long-time supporters of your brand.

So needless to say, your audience is pretty important which is why I get so confused when many businesses skip over determining who they want to attract and work with in the long run and run straight to products.


A is For Audience: Define Your Ideal Audience.

Look around Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even Periscope and determine where your ideal client is hanging out online.

Are they active in Facebook groups?

Do they join Twitter chats?

Are they watching Instagram Stories or viewing Instagram Live?

All of these places are can be great opportunities to attract your ideal client, but we can't be a jack of all trades and conquer everything all at once, so determine what would be the best and second best place to interact with your audience.

Most Active:

Second Most Active:

 What are they doing on the platform?

What are three problems they are experiencing that your business can solve?

How do you use this platform in your own business? 

List three ways you can use this platform to connect to your audience and show how you are able to solve their problems.

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