Hey friend,

When you read the line above did you roll your eyes so hard you were afraid they were going to get stuck?

Being honest, I used to do the same thing until I understood exactly how to build an email list that turned into daily profits.

See everyone says the money IS in the list, but most are stingy with the knowledge of HOW to get that money.

Being about my coins I had to figure out exactly how to collect my share and as always once I had the keys, my tribe was next.

Now if you are stuck with a boring list that doesn't open your emails, if you dread hearing the words list-building, freemium, opt-in, and thinking about getting it all figured out makes you want to frisbee your Mac, stop stressing, I've got you covered.


No one disputes the power of a mailing list, and as I often tell my tribe, even though Instagram is BAE, I don't own it and can't control when it introduces crazy algorithms that try to affect my daily cash flow.

See, in this digital space, you own few things that you can have full control over. Two important tools in your business will be your website, and second is your mailing list. 

On Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Pinterest, so on and so forth, sometimes you are at the mercy of the latest changes.

I know there is nothing more frustrating than putting your heart into what you think is a great post and watch it tick up to a measly 4 or 5 likes, or to hear from one of your followers that they just saw a post you made WEEKS ago. 

Your mailing list gives you control and flexibilty to scale your business up or down. 

You can use your mailing list to:

*Fill client spots easily.

*Share amazing resources or new information with your tribe first, growing your status as an expert. (How many times have y'all said, yep, Cici said that was going to happen!)

*Gauge interest on a new product before releasing it, so no more launching to crickets and crying over dry sales funnels.

*Poll your tribe for new content ideas and they'll fill your inbox with content for days!

*Get to know your tribe on a deeper level which makes serving their needs an absolute breeze and so much more!

None of this will happen though if you aren't building your list. 

How would making $5K, $10K, or even $20K in one week sound?

19luclis (1).png

Or even just making almost $3500 from one email?

And I know you're probably thinking, if you have a HUGE list this is probably easy.


When it comes to your mailing list, it's quality over quantity.

Check the stats on the 3rd photo.

I sent ONE email to a total of 6,461 people. Just over half opened it, which is 3424, and then 4.5% clicked the link, so that's 154. And even though a few shared the link my buyers brought in other buyers, get the picture? You don't need a huge list, you need the RIGHT list!

Have I gotten your attention yet?

Are you thinking about how you can build your list and catch this inbox income?

If you're ready to sign up for the class, go ahead and click the link right below.

Before I continue, make a note I'm only offering the Lucrative Lists Masterclass at $49 to 250 students or Friday, whichever comes first.

After that's reached and for the replay the price will increase to $99.

My last class, Make Some D*mn Money Already, sold out in less than 36 hours, just saying, I wouldn't wait. 🤗🤓🤑

This class is going to teach:

Why ConvertKit is a goldmine for your business and how to set it up.

How to create your next high performing landing page.

How to create freebies your audience will happily download and that grows your list daily.

How to build an easy 3 step funnel that will grow your list AND income daily with way less work on your part. Hello #sleepcoin!

How to leverage social media to grow your list daily without ads and when you're ready how to easily create ads that convert. 

Elements of an amazing freemium.

Three types of funnels to create within your list to keep growing and collecting.



You can't stand your freebie offer but you have no idea how to make it better and figure something is better than nothing.

You think you're giving the people what they want, but that subscriber number hasn't moved, or even worse it's going down when peoiple unsubscribe from your list.

Struggle is your first and last name when it comes to writing emails to your list and you're having nightmares about the blinking cursor on the empty screen.

Your subscribers NEVER respond, no matter how hard you try to connect to them.

You want to make some money consistently, and you're ready to start working smarter not harder.

You don't want to become THAT person with promoting your products.hn  

You tried everything you could to grow your list to a decent number and you're wondering..."What the h*ll is next?"

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