Hey guys!

I have two quick things for you today, a sale and a freebie.

First the freebie, which is a blast from the past :).

We have talked a lot about mindset this year, and I found of one of my old Periscope videos where I talk about shifting your mindset for success. I love this video because it was three years ago but the basics still have not changed!

That just goes to show you that you will always be working on your mindset so don't rush the process.

And second of all here’s the loyalty sale. I just wanted to say thank you all for opening my emails, being on my text list, commenting, sharing, and etc. this month. I love teaching and sharing my information and I would not be able to continue to grow my business without you guys.

The loyalty sale is a bundle of 5 classes for $25.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 1.21.21 PM.png

This includes:

  1. How I Plan To Make $100K In January (1 Hr, 29 Mins.)

  2. The Beginner’s Guide To Sales Funnels ( 1 Hr, 9 Mins.)

  3. Canva Like A Boss (2 Hrs, 6 mins.)

  4. How To Sell When You’re Just Getting Started (1 Hr, 34 Mins.)

  5. Instagram Insights and Content (this is a live class on Monday.)

    This bundle is worth over $200 (normal classes are $49 each.) so there will be a limited number available.

    Click the button below to order yours, and again thank you for your support this month!