You're In!!! Here's the info for your order!

So first, here is the replay for Instagram: Unlocked 2.0.

The video is stored on Vimeo, so you may open it there and download it for future access.

Secondly, here is the breakdown for this week's bootcamp! You guys asked some amazing questions and next week's bootcamp is going to be LIT.

Here is the schedule:

Day 1- Building A Foundation for Success

This day will go over Business profiles, how to create the best bio to attract clients, and deciding on the purpose of your page.

Day 2- Slaying Your Images

This day will cover Canva and we will create a brand board, mood board, and templates for your business.

Day 3- The Tags Have It

Finally leave the confusion of hashtags behind, this day will dive into how to create your hashtag groups and how to use them to drive traffic for your business.

Day 4- Live is Lit!

Are you ready to go Live and use your Stories to sell in your DMS? On this day you will create a 5 day Live schedule to introduce or reintroduce your brand to your audience.

Day 5- Planning With Purpose

Let's put it all together, and create a weekly plan for your content on Instagram.


The Ultimate Guide to Instagram 3.0.png

and finally, I received a lot of questions during yesterday's class so I'm adding more information to the Ultimate Guide 3.0 and it will be delivered tomorrow morning with the Day 1 video!

Alright guys, looking forward to Instagram week.

See you tomorrow!