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(Live Masterclass on Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 7 P.M. CENTRAL)

Are you struggling with growing your Instagram page with real followers who actually interact with your content and buy your products?

Do you find your followers going up one day, then the numbers disappearing a few days later?

Are you almost ready to give up on using Instagram for your business?

Wait! Before you give up, I want to share my next Masterclass with you!

Instagram is my jam but I understand that everyone doesn’t love the platform as much as I do and after growing on Instagram over the last 6 years, I totally get it.

It can be frustrating always worrying about the algorithm, wondering why your followers are always fluctuating, dealing with spam followers and so much more, it’s easy to want to throw the whole platform away, but hold on a moment before you throw in the towel.

I have grown 3 Instagram pages over the last 6 years and not only do I have the numbers, I’ve learned how to make my bank account match the followers I have. After all what’s the point of having a large following if no one is actually buying your products?

In this Masterclass I will cover:

How To Find Your Ideal Client (you don’t want just anyone following your page, you want to attract the right people who will eventually grow with your brand and buy your products.)

How To Set Up Your Page (it’s not all about pretty colors and fonts, you want your page to do the heavy lifting to attract followers and save you time.)

How To Use Hashtags For Growth. (learn to stop attracting the spambots and competitors and determine what your audience is actually looking for in a brand/page like yours.)

How To Grow Your Engagement (learn to stop focusing on vanity metrics and create content that serves your audience and collects coins.)

How To Stop Hiding And Use Live. (step out of the shadows to boost your brand, people buy people, so it’s time to show who you are!)

Are you ready to gain more followers and sales?

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