Have you thought about why everyone is always saying the money is in the list? 

Take a moment and think about some of the things you've purchased online recently. 

How did they get your attention?

Was it one of your favorite stores offering a discount?

Did you score a nice bag or some killer shoes from a boutique?

Have you ordered vitamins or found yourself on Amazon checking out the deal of the day?

Most likely one or more of the above situations apply to you or you can think of something similar and most of them began with a simple email.

If emails can work for other businesses, why can't they work for yours? 

My inbox is somewhere I spend a significant bit of my day, whether it's personal emails, sending emails, or reviewing customer service, I rock with Gmail all day long.

I get notices about free content from stock images to free classes, questions from my audience, feedback, testimonials from my tribe and deals of the day. 

When I buy something for my business it's often not a sales page that catches my attention but an email.

As a matter of fact the last $3000 I spent in my business were on courses from email campaigns where the seller offered amazing content via email that sold me before they even made an offer.

Emails are not necessarily seen by more people but they are seen by the RIGHT people which is most important.

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Emails build trust, test out content, and get insight from the people who will eventually buy your products. 

I've been able to have $5K and $10K sales weekends consistently from only sending an email to my list offering ONE product.

Focusing on building my list was one of the key strategies I've used this year to make $116,000 in May, $45,000 in June, and $62,000 in July.

Just a note :) May was much higher because I landed three corporate clients in May that added $47,000 to my normal monthly sales. They were people who were on my email list and loved my content! Hey email power! 

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So again, why are email lists so incredible for your business?

  1. You will never be at the mercy of an algorithm, so you don’t have to mumble and grumble about yet another change to social media that makes you pay more to reach your audience.
  2. Your subscribers like you, after all they voluntarily signed up for your list. This helps to take some of the “ick” some feel out of selling. They are dedicated list of people who are saying hey please send me more information,
  3. You guide the conversation. Sales funnels anyone? Making your sales funnel in your mailing list is EASY as pie.
  4. The more subscribers you have the more people you can impact, and ultimately the more money you can make. Being paid to do what you love and helping people at the same time? Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.
  5. It helps you take control in your business and how you want to be seen. No more making posts, hoping that someone will see them. Your email list helps you work smarter, not harder.

So are you ready to start growing your list with me?

I invite you to join me in the 30 Day Epic Emails Growth Challenge.

The challenge begins on August 7th. For 30 days I will provide you with a daily action step to grow your list. I’m taking this challenge right along with you so we will all be able to grow together.

This course begins on August 7th and the course is completely via email. A double win for you because not only will you receive amazing strategies but you’ll be able to see the behind the scenes of building out an email course and you can ask questions in the private Epic Emails Facebook group about your own challenges.

I use a Convertkit sequence that will deliver your content to your inbox each morning and as you work through the strategy you can get help along the way.


AN EMAIL LIST AND EMAIL LIST PROVIDER. I personally use Convertkit so most of the behind the scenes tutorials will be focused on CK. The tips work well with all lists though such as Aweber, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, etc.


PATIENCE. Growing your list will not happen overnight, focus on quality, not quantity.