Build Your . Brand In October, Bank In November!.png

So... let me ask you a quick question...

How is business going?

Are you making the money you feel you should be making based on the work you've been putting in?

Do you feel as once you finally get the hang of one skill or system you're thrown for a loop and knocked back to square one?

Are you ready to finally believe in your skills and your products?

Do you want to learn the systems, the processes, and step behind the scenes of how I have made just shy of $500,000 this year alone?

You don't have to have everything or know everything right now, but if you're willing to do the work your business can be changed for the better in just 30 days.

I created Build In October, Bank in November (BIOBIN) Branding Camp for digital entrepreneurs at any stage of their business.

So, before you read any further, you may be asking what's a digital entrepreneur?

A digital entrepreneur in this case is someone who wants to get paid for what they know. They want to build communities that are served with their knowledge. Digital entrepreneurs are building influential social media platforms, creating amazing information products such as eBooks, webinars, virtual classes, workshops, and leading people by sharing their knowledge and journeys to success.

Sound like you? Read on!!!

The 4 Week Business Bootcamp will include:

  • 4 Live Masterclasses each Tuesday in October. (replays will be available for all classes.)
  • 4 Weekly Workbooks to not only learn new skills/systems for your business but step by step worksheets on how to implement the content.
  • How to mind your business literally, motivation is great but will only take you so far. We will consistently work on shifting your mindset to one that seeks out and accepts success.
  • How to start and grow your mailing list. You'll learn how to fill it with people who will be ready to buy your products.
  • I'll help you with the Successful Sales Page Blueprint that will teach you what your sales pages should say and how to move people along to to the buy button.
  • You'll have a private Facebook group filled with driven entrepreneurs. We all want to succeed and will help each other stay on track and accountable.
  • Have you been saying you're finally going to do a Live broadcast? It's past time! Learn how to turn viewers into buyers.
  • I'll teach you what type of products can work for your brand and break down the how and the why of my 3 most profitable products. You'll learn how to create active and passive sales funnels. More people served, more money, less work. Sign me up please!!

From email lists to products to live streaming you'll be getting the same strategies I have used to make over $1.2 million dollars with digital products in the last 4 years and how I'm just a few sales away from reaching my goal for this year of $500,000.  My clients pays thousands to learn from me one on one, so don't miss this amazing opportunity to build your brand with me.

Are you ready to stop hoping and wishing that your business will finally take off and to start working your way to success?



BTW- I've added in 3 amazing bonuses that will make this an epic business building experience. You can get stated now with :

  • Instagram: Unlocked ($97 Value.)
  • Canva: Unlocked ($97 Value)
  • The Six Figure Path ( $49 Value)


So you may be asking, what did I do to get so lucky to get this amazing program for only $47?

I've been working with online entrepreneurs for nearly 3 years now and a common struggle is needing a program that will grow their business, but not being able to afford exactly what they need to be able to afford the program. Sounds crazy don't it? 

My business has grown from $330 my first month over 4 years ago to now making $45-55K consistently each month. I know what has worked for me personally, not theories or maybe strategies and I want to share with you.

I could easily charge $497-$997 for this program but I don't want to hear any excuses! We build together, we grow together. Trust me there will be higher priced program later. :)


Week 1- Excellent Emails

You will build your list this entire challenge. This week will provide you with the foundation to consistently grow your email list by 100-500 subscribers each month. We will cover what drives your audience to sign up for emails, how to create landing pages in Squarespace and Convertkit, and Canva Templates. 

Week Two- Products That Profit

This week you will learn the how and why's of my 3 most profitable products. You will learn how they fit into your business and outline the steps you need to create each one in your business.

Week Three- The Live Factor

This week we will get up close and personal with your live streaming fears. We will cover the why, how, and when you should livestream for your business. You'll create a sales funnel that will turn your live streams into income streams.

Week Four- Setbacks, Strategies and Sales

The best lesson I have ever learned is to work smarter, not harder. This week you will learn how to bounce back from low sales, failed launches and how to regroup for success.

The challenge begins on October 2nd, 2017. The first live class is Tuesday, October 3rd. Live classes are each Tuesday. Replay will be available on the bootcamp page each Wednesday.

Have questions? Email!