Are you ready to make more money and to become a paid author?


Entrepreneurs are some of the hardest working people in the world and I'm not just saying this because I'm a creative entrepreneur. I honestly feel as if more days than not, we all do the absolute most and being honest over time that wears a person down.

There will come a time when you are tired of trading dollars for hours and you will start looking for a better way to work smarter, not harder. Well my friend, today is that day and I have the perfect solution to help you package up your knowledge to create more income for less work.

With my first eBook I was able to replace my full-time income 5x over, and over the last 4 years that has continued to grow. The best part? Once an eBook is created you just do the marketing and collect the coins! You can update as often as you like, whether that's once a quarter or even once a year and you'll continue to collect your coins. Sounds like a winning deal right?


So let me ask you:

-Do you want to grow yourself as an expert in your niche?

-Do you want to easily make sales all day and all night?

-Do you want your audience to grow easily?

-Do you want your tribe to rave about how your products have helped them and let their amazing feedback drive more customers your way?

-Do you want to be able to repeat the process over and over again?

I know you're nodding yes, so let me help you create your next favorite product, the eBook!!

This 10 module course will take you from idea to income, an cover just about every imaginable step you'll need to know to create your best selling eBook.

Here's what's inside:

Module 1-Getting Started

Why eBooks?

Tools to Write Your eBook

Idea To Income- Your Profit Path

Committed to Success- Your Contract to Yourself

Module 2- What Will You Write About?

-Find Out What Your Clients Are Asking For

-The Book Brainstorm

-Narrowing Down A Top Topic

-Testing the Waters(Validating Your Idea.)

Module 3- The Outline

-Where Will You Be 30 Days From Now?

-Creating Your Writing Schedule

-Pricing The eBook

-Preselling Your eBook

-The Title Test

Module 4- Launching Your eBook

-Your Launch List

-Creating A Coming Soon Page

-Building Buzz for Your Book

-Creating a Landing Page in Convert Kit

Module 5- The Actual Work

-The Process

-Getting Ready To Sell

-Inside the eBook

-Proofing- Common Mistakes to Avoid

-The Great Copyright Debate-How to Protect Your eBook

Module 6- Successful Sales

-The Anatomy of A Successful Sales Page

-Copy that Converts

-The Branded Sales Page

Module 7- Drop The Book

-Delivering With Squarespace

-Delivering with Shopify

-Delivering With Samcart

-Delivery With PulleyApp

-Delivery With ConvertKit

-Other Delivery Methods

Module 8- The Actual Launch

-Your Launch Time- From Idea to Income

-Putting It Altogether

Module 9- Promoting Your eBook

-Creating Your Sales Funnel

-Using Live to Promote

-Social Media Posts to Promote Your eBook

Module 10- After The Sale

-The Followup Sequence to Get Rave Reviews and Glowing Testimonies