7 Things I've Learned This Year to Reach Over $375,000 In Sales

#1- Walk away when you need to, everything isn't meant to last forever. 

I love my first brand It Starts With Juice but it's past time to let it go and focus my efforts on The Six Figure Chick and the Business Elite.

The harder I try to make it fit into what I do now, the more it becomes work, it feels forced, and it takes the joy out of why I started it. Even though I could make myself devote some time to it, it's best for me to let go. Everything is not meant to last forever so know when to shift.

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I'm Using Instagram to Build My Brand!

So.....survey says you're loving The Ultimate Guide to Instagram!!! Woohoo!! The feedback has been incredible so far and I want to thank you all so much for sharing your wins. We all know that information is nothing without implementation so it has been delightful to hear how some of you have already started to implement the strategies in the book to clean up your Instagram pages, to define your ideal client, to engage with your audience, and finally get out of #hashtaghell!

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3 Things I've Done To Earn Consistent Income!

This year I have earned $90,939.34 from digital products and essentially hooking my brain to put it nicely. I've provided business tools to new and established entrepreneurs that have taught them to grow their brands, understand their audiences, create products, and make social media much less scary.   It has been a fun journey for the most part. Even with the mistakes,  I've learned a lot and am growing daily into a better brand. So what can I share with you, read on. :)

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