3 Ways to Create A More Attractive Brand


Let's chat a moment, if you stumbled across this blog, 9 times out of 10 you have considered the question, "Is my brand not appealing to my audience? " I'm here to provide you guys with useful, as well as action steps so sometimes we must address the elephant in the room.

Is Your Brand Unattractive?

I hate to say it but some of the ones I have seen are, and it could be blocking your bank. Now when I say ugly I don't mean just how it looks, but how it is set up. What are some things that make up an attractive brand?

1. Clear theme.
What colors have you picked for your brand? Is there a meaning behind it? Are the colors showcased throughout all of your social media platforms and your website? Is your styling easily recognized?
To stand out in the market your brand must represented uniquely.

2. Image quality.
Are you putting your best images forward?
As an online businesses your photos are often all a potential client has to judge the quality of your business. Are you requesting premium prices with blurry, dimly lit photos, obvious screenshots, or pixelated?
Poor images create the expectation of poor quality.

3. Business speak.
Though most of us have graduated high school and college, using proper grammar, spelling, and tone are key elements to presenting your brand at its best.
Would you buy from a page full of errors, misspellings and slang? Most likely not, and that's understandable. Presentation is key.

Overall your brand, especially how it is viewed online becomes a major key in your business. Don't let simple fixes create a bad impression! Sign up for a brand audit if you need help! 




How I Made Profit from My Blog and Business Last Month!

Hi! So if you're reading this, you probably have a blog or online business and are looking to increase sales or profits. One of the most frequent questions I receive is how exactly do I make money from my social media platforms. Today's post will break that down for you, so let's get started. How did I make $31,000 in one month through my blog? Read on...

  1. I provide solutions.  For the Six Figure Chick, I offer eBooks, Coaching, Webinars, and eCourses that teach the basics of creating an appealing, as well as marketable brand. I design, create and offer plans that solve a solution for my audience. Instagram is my expert platform so I consistently ask what struggles my audience faces and cater my products to creating solutions. 

2. I focus on a specific niche that needs my services. Choosing a targeted audience and products creates fans and buyers.  Concentrating on one niche allows you to build your foundation to build future products. This also lends to repurposed content. As my audience grows there will always be new entrepreneurs entering my platform so repurposing or in this case bundling my content allows for a better experience and quickly builds trust in my brand by offering an amazing value.

3. I use my blog as a platform to provide information and general business advice that works for all brands creating value in my offerings. My ideal clients are also my ideal readers, so its a double benefit showcasing my knowledge and providing they want to learn.

4. I price according to my ideal client. Market researching and defining who I am trying to reach goes a long way. After some hits and misses, I discovered the best price ranges for me. This enabled me to cater to the majority of my audience as well as offer personalized strategies for the higher tiers.

5. Promotions. A scared brand is rarely going to make a big impact, so I am not afraid to promote my brand on a regular basis. Be creative with promotions to have the best impact for example if I were to promote my Ultimate Guide to Instagram eBook.

Day 1- Post cover of book and explain what's inside.

(Call to Action- What do you want to learn about Instagram.)

Day 2- Post testimonial from results from eBook.

(Call to action- Tag a fellow entrepreneur who needs to grow their business)

Day 3- Share a printed copy of eBook on my desk or while working with a client.

(Call to action- Head over to my website to grab your copy today.)

Day 4- Share video flip through of book.

(Call to action- Let's do a quick Q&A, DM me any questions you have about Instagram branding!)

Day 5- Offer to send sneak preview to mailing list.

(Join the mailing list and get the first 10 pages of the eBook FREE!)

Want to learn how to create this for your brand?

Join me in Master'Gram beginning on October 24th, 2016!

Got any questions? Comments? Feedback?

How Do You Define YOUR Success?

how do you define your success

What's up Rich Chick!!

Today's blog was supposed to be on rebranding, but something else was on my heart.

We live in a "look what I have age" and often it's easy to get caught up in seeing what others have, and using their standards as a measure to set our own goals.  Sadly, we end up chasing many material possessions or social statuses that at the heart of ourselves truly don't mean anything to us. We let others decide what success truly is and, in the end, we're the ones disheartened.

How do you decide what influences your goals or whom to measure yourself against?

How do you define what is truly success for you?

Make a list.

What does being successful mean to you. This list is private so you don't have to share it with anyone or feel as if you'll be judged for being under/over aspirational, this is solely what it means to YOU.


Maybe a certain tax bracket has never appealed to you, but having the freedom to be able to travel the world at your leisure does. Would you be ecstatic to tell the next Sallie Mae representative exactly where they can go, and happily pay off the full loan? Perhaps you want to have a secure future for your kids or pay all of your bills up for the next year. Success could mean replacing the income you currently have at your 9-5 with your own creative business.


Freedom, Security, Peace of Mind?


What drives you and ultimately makes you happy? The answers to these questions are what should be the basis of your definition for success, nothing else.

4 Plans Every Business Should Have

4 plans every business should have

Beginning a business can come with what seems to be an overwhelming to do list. Some may want to skip corners and just complete the bare minimum, which in my opinion just makes more work in the long run. I have narrowed down what I consider to be 4 essential plans to have in place when your goal is for your small business to succeed.

Listed below is an overview:

The Business Plan

What are the what, whens, hows, and whys of your business? Having this plan detailed and in place gives your brand/business direction, as well as focus. Need a business plan template?

The Branding Plan

What is your brand identity?What is your brand voice? What need does your brand fill? How do you want to be viewed  by potential clients or other businesses?

The Marketing Plan

You have great products, but how do you get them to your ideal client, better even who is your ideal client? What is your market niche? What ways do you advertise to be the most effective? This plan will help you ensure that your product is being seen by the ones who need and will buy it.

The Profit Plan

Putting it altogether, how will you be profitable? What are your profit goals and how will you achieve them?

Do you need help creating one of the above plans for your business? Contact Me.

Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

do you need a business coach

So, you see them all around the internet. Marketing, Business and Brand Coaches. What exactly is their purpose and do you need one?

First of all coaches are great, if you have the right fit. Coaches are a great sounding board but overall I feel their purpose is to help guide you.

For Business coaching, if this is your first business and you're lost on where to begin in regards to making profits, displaying your information, turning interested parties into sales, you may want to consider a coach. A coach will help you form a plan and be able to give you an unbiased set of eyes to look at your business. Oftentimes using family as a sounding board or for constructive criticism can be counterproductive. You need truthful answers in how to develop your business. Most family members may feel hard pressed to tell you an idea won't work. On the other hand maybe your family doesn't support you.

Having a great coach will help you sort through what ideas are feasible and which are better left on the drawing room floor. Coaches can provide accountability for actions as well as give you deadlines that left unchecked you may give yourself slack on. They can create a plan for you to follow but also make changes along the way that will help you step out of your comfort zone, but also adapt to your needs.

Be mindful. Not all coaches have the same teaching style and you need someone you can work with over an extended period of time. If you personalities don't mesh well, don't feel as if you have to make it work. Find someone else. Do your research, and know there is nothing wrong with getting help.

On your road to success,a coach is just one of the many tools you can use to make your business profitable. My 90 Day Coaching program is now open, you need a coach to take you to the next level click here! Don't end 2016 the way you began it, invest in your business today. Click here for more information.


6 Facts You Should Know About Hashtags

There are many different opinions on how to use hashtags for effective growth and I wanted to throw my hat in the ring.

I've been growing on Instagram for the last 3 years with my primary business @itstartswithjuice. It has reached over 205K followers and hashtags have played a major role in consistent growth. When I began The Six Figure Chick just over a year ago, having my tags together were part of my launch strategy. The page has reached over 117,000 followers. I used the same hashtag strategy for @richchicksociety and it has reached over 17,000 followers in the last 6 months. 

So why do hashtags play such an important part in growth?

Here are two reasons hashtags are great:

1) Free advertising.
Hashtags are a great way to get your content in front of people seeking exactly what you offer. Many people follow hashtags all day long to find new inspiration, products, to check reviews and so many other things. With the right hashtags you are placed in front of those people whether it's hair styles, branding products, new shoes, or restaurant reviews you can be seen for free.

2) Consistency and User Generated Content
Posting on Instagram on a daily basis can be a daunting task, even more so if you post 2-3 times per day. We know being visible on a regular basis is important but what about those days you just can't come up with anything?

Hashtags to the rescue again! Creating your own custom tags that your audience can use to post their own related content will grow your influence and provide credibility to your brand. Customer endorsements build your business faster than most advertising strategies will due to them being genuine and organic. The bonus is you get content that you can also share on your page and your community will grow.


4 Facts You Should Know About Hashtags.

1. You can only use 30 hashtags on a post. The tags you use in the caption and in the comments count towards the 30 max.

2. Hashtags on private pages will not show up, of course your business page should not be on private anyways so in case you needed another reason why, here you go.

3. You should review/update your hashtags every 60-90 days. Instagram grows quickly so you want to stay on top of which tags work for your page and use them consistently.

4. Hashtags that you add in other pages comments don't work, you can only tag your own posts.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags!

Get the Ultimate Guide to Hashtags!

Are you rethinking hashtags? Grab the Ultimate Guide for more tips and defined hashtags for top businesses on Instagram. Need help deciding on any or with growing your Instagram page, I have spaces open for Fix My IG, Cici audits. Click here to get started with one.

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Until next time!