When you should offer an eBook, a Masterclass, or an eCourse for your audience?

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How in the world do you know when you should offer an eBook, a Masterclass, or an eCourse for your audience?

Many of you have asked how you should use your information and package it into a digital product but you don't quite know where to start or which product to create.

Now my answer is always to create as much as you want and let your audience determine what they want but that can still be a little overwhelming.

I like to take one idea and turn it into 3-4 products.

For example:

The main idea is How To Write An eBook.

My 4 products would be:

Freebie- The Top Mistakes Most New Writers Make With eBooks. (this would be a livestream or a checklist)

eBook- How To Write Your eBook in 7 Steps

Masterclass- How To Write Your eBook

eCourse- Books That Bank.

Now you may be asking what exactly is the difference between each one, they seem pretty similar.

They are, but each product offers a different form of content.

The first phase is to offer an eBook.

EBooks are focused on a set of steps and are created to give out specific information. The price range is normally from $7-$47 depending on your audience and how detailed your eBook ends up being. The sweet spot for most eBooks is between 10-100 pages and it has a set outcome.

For this example, the eBook How To Write Your eBook in 7 Steps goes through 7 actionable steps that will help a new writer finish their eBook. It's meant to be simple, to the point and the customer can do these tasks at their own pace.

The second phase would be to offer the Masterclass.

A Masterclass is normally an hour to two hours and can be priced $47- $197. Masterclasses are meant to show your audience how to execute the steps. So I can take the steps from the ebook and put them into action.

For example, the first step is to do your research. In the eBook, I provide a list of places to check out to research the content. In the Masterclass, I break each site down into more detail and give them tips on how to use each site the best as well as how I use it in my own business. With a live Masterclass there is also an opportunity to learn with you live and ask any followup questions.

The third phase would be to offer an eCourse.

My Books That Bank course takes the best of both worlds and breaks it down even further. eCourses are meant to meet your client wherever they are, so whether they are new or advanced their should be something for everyone. They are priced between $197- $1997 and this price will vary based on your audience.

eCourses can be done live as a group or you can create self paced courses and offer a community where your audience will still be able to ask questions as they go along in the program. Some add in Live Q&A sessions as well so that your audience is able to complete the information at their own pace but you are still available on a weekly or monthly basis.

The community aspect helps your audience continue to learn with you and will build connections that lead to them getting great results and possibly purchasing other products.

Alright, every main topic I want to teach has this same breakdown, so I'm able to reach my audience on different levels and have a full product catalog.

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I hope that was helpful, let me know if you have any questions!