This Week With The Six Figure Chick

Hey, hey, hey and happy Thursday!!

This is a bit of a wrap up post to answer some questions and send requested links so let's dive in!

#1- How I've Used Instagram To Earn Over $87,000 This Month, Live Replay.

Did you miss this morning's live? I covered three 3 points that I've used in my Instagram strategy this month to be in track to hit my $1,000,000 goal for the year.

Key Points were:

1. How often should you post on your page and what's good content?

2. Stop hashtagging your posts to death,

3. How to build real engagement.

Head over to IG to catch the replay by clicking my profile photo.

#2- Canva Like A Boss

You can purchase the Canva Like A Boss replay here:

As a reminder this class covers:

A full Canva Walkthrough of: The Dashboard, Creating A Design, Your Designs, Design School, Templates, Elements, and Your Brand.

What do you need before you start designing for your brand?

How to get design inspirations from the top people in your field.

How to Create The Following: A Text Logo | IG Posts| IG Stories and Templates | eBooks |Worksheets

#3- Do you want to order a BAE Planner? I'm down to my last batch of the 2018 versions and I'm giving them away, you just have to cover the shipping.

Here's the link to order yours. (There are only 250 left and when they're gone, they're gone :), the spring version will be released next month.)

#4- Requested Class: Instagram: Insights and Content.

During this morning's Live, a lot of questions were asked about what type of content is good content for your page, and how exactly should you read to Instagram: Insights to be able to grow your business.

I am hosting an IG Basics class next Monday to walk you through the Insights, explain what matters for your business, and the top 5 types of content you can create for your business to drive traffic and increase your sales.

I feel this a necessary class for my audience so I am making this one of the No Excuses classes. The sign up is only $10.

Here's the link for that:

And #5- Last but not least!

Screen Shot 2019-01-24 at 1.29.59 PM.png

The February Challenge, Positioned To Profit is now open.

The link:

Here are a few questions that have been asked:

-What is the challenge?

From February 1st until February 28th you will receive a new recorded video with the task of the day. This will range from information on how to build your audience, what are digital products, how to use Canva, tips to build Instagram, how to use promotions/ads and so much more.

We will cover one letter each day and all of the topics are listed on the sales page.

-How will we receive the content?

On January 31st, everyone will be enrolled in the Kajabi course and you will be able to log in each day to view a new video. You will keep access to the content for as long as the course is offered or up to a year whichever is longer.

-Is this one on one?

No, we will have a private Facebook group where you are able to interact and ask questions, but the the course will be mostly at your own pace.

-How long will the $27 price last?

Until Friday at midnight, after then the pricing will be $47-$97.

-Is this the same content as Secure The Bag?

Nope, it's all new for 2019 so it will be 26 NEW videos.

Alright, guys let me know if you have any questions!