The 12 Tools I Use In My Business Each Day

The 12 Tools I Use In My Business Each Day.png

You asked, I answered!

Here is the list of 12 of the tools I use in my business on a daily basis.

#1- To collect payments and create new products.

I use SamCart for my shopping cart and it lets me automatically deliver my digital files, create upsell products, sell physical products, and so much more.

It's $99/month and worth every cent for me because it keeps the stats, tracks views, and conversions so I know if a product is converting well and when does it need to be tweaked.

If you're looking for a lower cost option to deliver digital products, check out SendOwn (it offers an upsell option.), PulleyApp, or DPDcart.

#2- To record screenshares.

I use Loom to record my screens for my video trainings, video audits, walkthroughs and more. It’s a free app, and they also have a paid version now.

The site is This records both screen and audio as well as storing your videos so they can be shared or downloaded.

I also use Screencast-o-matic for quick and simple video edits.

#3- To create a website.

Squarespace is currently my favorite site to create websites.

You can easily buy new domains, they have amazing drag and drop templates so you don't have to be a coding wiz, and they are self hosted, so no outside hosting required.

They also have AMAZING customer support so if you need help with anything, they have you covered.

I use the Pacific and Five templates.

I use my site for my Instagram links page, registration page, opt-in page, as well as my sales pages. 

Everything can be done on the same platform which makes keeping everything organized so much simpler.

Squarespace also has built-in eCommerce so you can sell directly physical products, digital products, and services from the site and can be paid via PayPal or Stripe

#4- To schedule my Instagram content.

I don’t schedule my content often but if I need to Planoly is my go to site.

Their site allows you to schedule videos, multiple photo posts, Instagram Stories and more.

You can also answer comments directly on the website which is a great way to boost your engagement without having to be tied to your phone.

#6- To create countdowns.

Deadline Funnel is awesome for creating countdowns and you can add the codes just about every where from Samcart to your mailing list.

It helps to boost sales when people know they have a limited time to buy items.

Motion Mail is a great free option if you want to add simple timers to your emails.

#7- To make presentations. (The slides)

I teach a class at least once a week whether it’s a free one used to grow my email list or one of my paid Masterclasses and I use Canva to create all of my slides.

They’ve added a ton of templates to Canva For Work so there are endless options for styling your slides for your brand and the most impact.

Canva also has a new Present and Website mode that you can use along with Loom to make prerecorded videos.

#8- To host webinars.

WebinarJam is the my current platform and I love them because of the class size that I need for my webinars.

It's $397 a YEAR, which is perfect for me as my audience grows I need the ability to have unlimited classes without needed a ton of software or paying $500/MONTH which is what I would have needed for most of the platforms I checked and it would have only given me a room for 1000 people.

Webinar Jam makes replays a breeze as well so you can use them to continue to build your lists and sales funnels.

You can also use Youtube Live as a standalone to host your webinars for free and just create a page on your Squarespace website.

For smaller class sizes(under 100) , Zoom is a great starter platform.

#9- To send emails.

Convertkit is my email provider. (My referral link:

From setting up email sequences, sending out my regular broadcast emails, connecting to my audience, CK has a ton of features that will help you create a strong and profitable email list.

They’ve also updated many of their forms recently so you have many options built directly into the platform.

#10- Text Messages

I use for my text message marketing. 

You can send text messages for reminders when you’re going Live, about sales, free content to build your list, challenges and so much more. I’ve fallen in love with text message marketing because it gives your audience another way to connect directly with you and the response rate is amazing.

Here’s my referral link if you want to try them out:

#11- To create courses and membership sites.

I moved back to Kajabi last year and now that I've learned how to work the platform, I'm kicking myself for not committing to it earlier. Kajabi hosts all of my Masterclasses, my courses, and will host my new membership site. It integrates with Samcart which is always a plus and makes my life easier.

Other options for courses are:





#12- Stock Images

My favorite paid stock image sites are: (My referral link:

Alright, those are the systems I use daily so if I missed anything let me know in the comments.

And as always check out all of my on demand classes here: and current offers here:


Are Your Ready to Stop Hiding?



You Are Your Brand: Masterclass, Slay 2017

Hey Army!!

I've had some wonderful conversations this week and as I prepare for my annual vacation month I'm looking forward to refining some products, services, and systems for my brand. I shared my sales to date for 2016 earlier on Instagram which was, $320,000+,  ($60,000 more than I made last year running two brands, It Starts With Juice and The Six Figure Chick). 


What was the biggest factor that allowed me to focus on one business, increase profits, stop driving myself into exhaustion, and have more freedom? Well, not to sound self-centered or anything, the biggest change was ME.

Running your business is a task, not necessarily good or bad, but something that must be done. Sometimes we lose sight of what we want and who we serve. We begin to hide behind screen names, social media success, and become afraid of allowing anyone to see us make mistakes or be seen as not having it all together. Over time that will affect the core of your brand and how you connect to your audience. And let's face it, if you're not connecting with their emotions, they are not connecting with Paypal, Stripe, or any other form of payment. 

For 2016, one of my affirmations began as flaws and all and eventually grew to I'm pretty damn awesome as I am no apologies, no qualifiers. I made mistakes, I had setbacks, but most importantly I grew and had fun doing it.

I learned to tap into my story and share it authentically, understand and read my audience, learn what was working, snatch down what wasn't and continuously create new products that my audience quickly purchased and shared. I knew when to take breaks and my tribe encouraged me to. I watched not only my business flourish, but light bulbs, AHA moments, and breakthroughs happen for my tribe.

They created new products, new hashtags started popping up like #rentpaid, #cicisays #5kclub, they drove traffic to online stores that were now making $5,000, $10,000 and even $35,000 per month. New classes were being created because I served the needs of my audience they understood how to serve the needs of theirs. Online and social media has become much less scary and as a tribe we are #winning.

So I say all this to say, Your Brand is You. 

Are you tired of hiding behind your Instagram or Facebook page? Over not making the sales you know your business is capable of?

Ready for a real plan of action for the real you?

Then again I invite you to the You Are Your Brand Masterclass on December 1st at 6 P.M. Central. Replays will be available so you may view the class again and again as needed. 

You will learn:

How to Be Authentically You

Key Elements of Your Brand

How to Get Over the Imposter Syndrome

How to Stand Out Online and more! 

There will also be a live Q&A session from the questions that are submitted.

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You Are Your Brand: Masterclass, Slay 2017

See you in class!



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4 Plans Every Business Should Have

4 plans every business should have

Beginning a business can come with what seems to be an overwhelming to do list. Some may want to skip corners and just complete the bare minimum, which in my opinion just makes more work in the long run. I have narrowed down what I consider to be 4 essential plans to have in place when your goal is for your small business to succeed.

Listed below is an overview:

The Business Plan

What are the what, whens, hows, and whys of your business? Having this plan detailed and in place gives your brand/business direction, as well as focus. Need a business plan template?

The Branding Plan

What is your brand identity?What is your brand voice? What need does your brand fill? How do you want to be viewed  by potential clients or other businesses?

The Marketing Plan

You have great products, but how do you get them to your ideal client, better even who is your ideal client? What is your market niche? What ways do you advertise to be the most effective? This plan will help you ensure that your product is being seen by the ones who need and will buy it.

The Profit Plan

Putting it altogether, how will you be profitable? What are your profit goals and how will you achieve them?

Do you need help creating one of the above plans for your business? Contact Me.

Why Do You Need A Business Coach?

do you need a business coach

So, you see them all around the internet. Marketing, Business and Brand Coaches. What exactly is their purpose and do you need one?

First of all coaches are great, if you have the right fit. Coaches are a great sounding board but overall I feel their purpose is to help guide you.

For Business coaching, if this is your first business and you're lost on where to begin in regards to making profits, displaying your information, turning interested parties into sales, you may want to consider a coach. A coach will help you form a plan and be able to give you an unbiased set of eyes to look at your business. Oftentimes using family as a sounding board or for constructive criticism can be counterproductive. You need truthful answers in how to develop your business. Most family members may feel hard pressed to tell you an idea won't work. On the other hand maybe your family doesn't support you.

Having a great coach will help you sort through what ideas are feasible and which are better left on the drawing room floor. Coaches can provide accountability for actions as well as give you deadlines that left unchecked you may give yourself slack on. They can create a plan for you to follow but also make changes along the way that will help you step out of your comfort zone, but also adapt to your needs.

Be mindful. Not all coaches have the same teaching style and you need someone you can work with over an extended period of time. If you personalities don't mesh well, don't feel as if you have to make it work. Find someone else. Do your research, and know there is nothing wrong with getting help.

On your road to success,a coach is just one of the many tools you can use to make your business profitable. My 90 Day Coaching program is now open, you need a coach to take you to the next level click here! Don't end 2016 the way you began it, invest in your business today. Click here for more information.