4 Ways to Spring Clean Your Brand for Success.

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What's up people!

Spring is right around the corner so today's Bank Notes will give you 4 ways to spring clean your brand for a successful new season. 

As we know time flies, so preparation is key to make sure our brands continue to grow and thrive. 

Just in case you're in a hurry, make sure you scroll to the bottom for info on this week's classes.

So, how do we get ready for a new quarter? 

Read on.

1. Review Quarter 1.

Every 3 months review your products, processes, and profits.

All of these will push your business, so check which products have sold the best, and which have sold the worst.

How can you boost your best sellers and is it time to let go of the ones that aren't selling?

What processes or systems are helping your business and which ones could be hurting it? 

For example, do you have an unused mailing list, are you paying for software that doesn't work the way you expected, or is there a break in your customer service flow?

Do you need to take more time to learn how to use them or is it time to cancel them?

Profits are important because you don't want to be putting more into your business than you're getting out, so record all of the sales you've made and check it against all of your taxes, software, fees, etc. 

Are you seeing a true profit? 

What can be increased or decreased? 

Have you reviewed your prices recently?

2. Clean out inboxes, subscriptions, memberships and subscribers.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with freebies and discounts, so go through your inbox and do some unsubscribing. 

Your notifications will thank you and so will the person sending you the emails you're not opening. 

Anything that doesn't motivate or move you to action, let it go. 

For your mailing list, clean out any old bounced, complained, or cold subscribers. 

Quality over Quantity, and you only want to pay for the subscribers you are showing interest in your content.

How are you attracting new people to your list? What's your current freebie and how is it converting?

Do you have a tripwire for it?

How about memberships? Are you paying for things you aren't using?

3. Organize and update your office space.

Moving my desk last year was the exact spark I needed to refocus my creativity (though now I'm ready to move it again, plus I'm itching to knock down the wall between my office and my shipping room.) 

Working from home means you will spend a great deal of time in your home office, so why not give it a quick makeover. 

You can move your desk so that you're facing a new direction, update your wall art, get some new desk accessories or maybe a new office chair. ( I love any reason to visit Office Depot, Target or Hobby Lobby :))

Your space should be a happy one, so make it reflective of your goals and who you are. 

4. Marketing, marketing, marketing!

How are you getting your content out to your audience? 

Are you using videos or Livestreams? 

How about Instagram Stories?

Have you started using ads to promote?

What have you invested?

We can't expect our audience to just happen across our content and offers so take some time to create the best marketing strategy you can. 

Alright, make this Spring great!!! And what better way to grow than to increase your knowledge so here are this week's classes. (For the first two classes, the first 100 students for each will be just $29, then the price increases to $49.)

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