Would You Sell Doughnuts At Krispy Kreme?


Good morning Rich Chicks and Happy Friday!!!

Today's Bank Note is all about etiquette on social media, or as my mama likes to say, "How to act like you have some damn sense!", the damn part may be mine but you get the point. So before we go into it let me ask you:

Would you sell doughnuts at Krispy Kreme? How about coffee at Starbuck's? Would you set up a purse stand outside of the Coach store? Or take it upon yourself to offer makeovers at Sephora? 


Probably not. One, most of these actions would get you kicked out and barred from the premises. Two, it's rude and will look bad for your business. Three, it makes your business seem desperate and lazy. In a way it says, I can't create my own success so I'll go infringe  on the hard work of others. Guess what?  You don't want to create these impressions on social media so the same rules apply, act like you have some manners.

The quickest ways to get blocked and given a virtual evil eye from many pages is to use their page or comments to promote yourself. Yes, we are all trying to get exposure but there is a time/place for all things. How would you feel if someone hijacked your comments to promote their services? I'm certain you wouldn't, especially when you think of all the hard work you have done to build an audience that engages. So what are the social media rules:

1) Treat pages as you want yours to be treated. Do you have a service that you feel will be of benefit to the followers of a certain page? Contact the page owner and pitch some ideas on collaboration, don't drop your information in the comments without an invitation or permission. Check pages for networking posts and respond accordingly. Don't be selfish though, networking or promo posts should not be the only time you interact with a page.

2) Comment genuinely,not just as a way to draw attention to yourself. Stay on topic of the photo. For example, if someone just posted about their upcoming webinar, you should not comment you have a 90 day challenge coming soon. 

3) Effort. Often, it takes just as much effort to leave Nice, Cool, an emoji or other one word comments as it does something thought out. Many will scroll past one word comments because they are seen so often, don't get lost in the mix. Sometimes one word will suffice but if you make it happen it will make you seem lazy over time.

4)Don't hijack conversations. I'm all for open discussion but it irks me to no end when someone carries on a full unrelated conversation in my comments, yep, that'll get you blocked.Text, DMs, and emails exist for a reason. You don't want to be that annoying person. 

5) Give to get, while seeking exposure don't only seek connections that will benefit you. What can you give to help the community? How can you help your audience?

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