The FIRST Thing You Must Do If You Want to Start a Digital Business

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Did you know the U.S. government has shut down 17 times since 1976 and the longest shutdown in U.S. history started December 22, 2018.

For over 35 days 800,000 government workers had no idea when their next paycheck would arrive.

But see, even in the midst of uncertain times, people like the “Furlough Cheesecake Sisters” made a way out of “no way” as my mama would say.

They didn’t necessarily need a business coach or a bunch of gurus whispering business blueprints in their ears to get started.

They needed a reason to believe in themselves.

So what’s that got to do with starting a digital business?

Well, I’ve witnessed so many people with incredible ideas and skills who fail at business because they spent most of their time “getting ready to get ready” instead of actually working toward the goal.

They focus on magical strategies that claim to position them to hit 7 figures in 7 minutes. And they focus on trying to get their auntie and cousins to invest in their business – forgetting far too often about the most important and fundamental component of starting a successful digital business:

Having a sellable genius that feeds the needs and cravings of a starving audience.

Now, you may not know that you have wisdom people are willing to pay for. And that’s fine, but here’s what I’ve been sent to tell you:

YOU are full of wisdom people want. AND people will be motivated to pay for when you package it up into a digital product and properly market it.

YOU have experiences, skills, talents and brilliance brewing in your brain that people are waiting for you to bless them with.

By now, I’m sure you’re dying to hear the FIRST thing you must do if you want to start a digital business.

Is it file your LLC paperwork? That’s important, but not what we’re talking about today.

Is it hire someone to build your website? That’s important too, but not what we’re talking about today.

Is it run ads on social media? Also important, but you can’t do that before you do this FIRST …

The FIRST thing you must do if you want to start a digital business is:

Identify your sellable genius.

Now, you likely have no problem identifying what you DO well. Whether you’re a photographer, writer, author, teacher, fitness trainer, makeup artist, customer service rep or a nurse … you likely have a skill you use on a daily basis.

The problem comes in when it’s time to transform what’s in your head into a marketable genius ‘product’ AND, of course, you MUST trust in your ability to get paid to share what you know with others.

But that anxiety you have about getting paid for what you know ends today.

So grab a pen and write down answers to the following 5 questions:

  1. What tasks do I perform on a daily basis at work?

  2. What skills have I gained as a result of formal training or education?

  3. What struggles have I overcome against all odds?

  4. What struggles have I helped others overcome against all odds?

  5. What questions do my family and friends ask me all the time?

All done? Ok, I want you to look closely at your answers … hiding deep inside is your sellable genius.

So what do you do with what you've discovered? 

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