7 Things I've Learned This Year to Reach Over $375,000 In Sales

#1- Walk away when you need to, everything isn't meant to last forever. 

I love my first brand It Starts With Juice but it's past time to let it go and focus my efforts on The Six Figure Chick and the Business Elite.

The harder I try to make it fit into what I do now, the more it becomes work, it feels forced, and it takes the joy out of why I started it. Even though I could make myself devote some time to it, it's best for me to let go. Everything is not meant to last forever so know when to shift.

#2- Money is a tool. don't be afraid to use it.

Use your money to live the life you want, I'm all for saving but being a Scrooge about every penny in your business will cause you to create money blocks.

I'm not saying go blow all your money on pointless things, but control your money don't let it control you. It's pointless to make more if you still act as if you're broke in bank account balance or mindset.

#3- Create your vision and work to achieve.

Your vision of the "good life" or "work balance" is yours. I can't tell you what motivates you to keep pushing or the type of lifestyle you want to create.

Having a vision is important though because you need benchmarks and milestones to measure your own progress. Be clear about what you want to achieve and flexible about how you're going to get there.

#4-Do the thing that scares the *ish* out of you.

I've been claiming fear of public speaking and I'm so thankful I've done what once scared the daylights out of me. I learned that not only was it something I needed to feed my spirit but by not sharing my gift, I wasn't allowing others to see what's possible through my story. 

#5- Find people who see greatness in you.

Everyone in your life is not going to always be there. You have to be OK with outgrowing people. Old ways won't open new doors and old friends won't get you to new ends. Find the people who will speak life over you, who will grow with you, and who will always encourage you to be the best, even if that's to become better than them.

#6- Learn from the experts in your industry.

You will never be the smartest person. People contribute in so many different ways whether it be time, knowledge or just presence. Find out who is the top of your industry and learn all you can from them, then work on building your own. 

#7. Plan, plot, and pivot.

Track what's working, what's not, what to change, what to keep the same. Everything in your business is negotiable and tweakable.

Always take note as you grow, not only will it help you as you look back, but you are creating a blueprint that you will be able to share with others.

Many people will pay just as much to know what not to do, as they do to learn what to do. Your setbacks can be someone else's stepping stone. 

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