$42, 987. 62 in 10 Days, The Strategy Breakdown

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My goal for September was to slay. I didn’t want to create any complicated processes, I simply wanted to commit to showing up every day for my audience and making an offer at least once a day unapologetically.

The first 10 days of September have flown by and in 10 days I made $42,987.62.

Here are a few things to note:

Total Orders Processed: 2,322. Average Cart Value- $18. 51

You don't have to sell something super expensive to reach this goal, but you do need to build an engaged audience by offering quality content, showing up for them, creating something they want to buy, and yes, you have to ask for the sale!

Also you don't need to build an enormous audience to be able to hit these numbers, again it comes down to engagement and providing something that your audience actually wants or needs.

For example, if you build your audience to 5,000 ENGAGED Members and you launch a new item or run a special sale.

Aim to convert 25%.

5000 x .25= 1250 x $25= $31, 250.

So don't count yourself out if you don't have a large list yet. Focus on the quality and the quantity will come.

Another note is to know your audience and where they are struggling the most.

My target audience is new entrepreneurs so they are seeking strategies, systems/software breakdowns, product creation, and proven processes. They prefer classes and books that provide strategies they can easily and quickly implement into their businesses.

So let’s break the numbers down.

Total Orders from 09/01/2019- 09/10/2019-

My products fall into 5 main categories:


Monthly Business Challenge




The numbers:

Courses/Bundles- $7,397.00

Monthly Business Challenge- $2,773.00

Coaching- $2,279.00

eBooks- $7,073.00

Masterclasses- $21,220.17

Miscellaneous Products- $2,245.45

The topics that sold the best:

How To Use Canva

How To Create Digital Products

How To Make $10K in A Month

The Business Plan

How To Create and Sell An eBook/How To Write Your eBook in 7 Steps

How To Sell Physical Product

5 Keys To Making Money With Instagram

$100K in 30 Days

45 Marketing, Sales, and Social Media Strategies

How I promoted:

I sent 7 Email Broadcasts to my full email list.

I was testing out a new process so to trade off on the extra emails I did a 4 part email series where I answered 20 questions about business, mindset, and money. Answering 20 questions in my Instagram Story each week has always done well, so I may make this a weekly or monthly feature.

There are currently around 35,000 people on my email list and with this series open rates have been between 18.3% to 33.1%. It really helped to send the initial email between 8-10 A.M. and do a followup to the unopens around 6-8 P.M.

6 Text Messages. There aren't many stats for texts currently but you can create a specific link just for your texts and use bit.ly to track clicks.

51 Posts On Instagram

These posts have included:⁣

Notes from my Notes ⁣



Mindset Questions⁣

Business Strategies⁣

Instagram Tips⁣

Promos for My Classes⁣

Questions To My Audience⁣

Answering Questions From My Audience⁣

Sharing My Goals⁣

Breaking Down My Daily Process and more.⁣

I send out 200-300 DMs each day depending on the requested call to action and just answering questions in general.

I went Live once to show the process for my new website.

I had one ad running through FB and spend $901.33. I plan to spend $2500 in the next 10 days with influencer ads and Instagram sponsored Ads.

I do the 25 comment challenge daily. I aim to do at least 100 comments each day, but 25 is my minimum. This isn't necessarily for promoting products but building ongoing relationships with my audience.

What I plan to continue for the next 10 days:

Posting 3-5x a day with content about Instagram, digital products, shifting your mindset, and sharing more content from my notes.

Using Instagram Stories daily.

What I plan to add:

Setting up 3 ads to run over the next 10 days, budget, $2500.

Do 3 Livestreams.

Work on new Instagram eBook release (9/18/2019).

Add a workshop on creating Masterclasses.

Cleaning out my class catalog.

What I’m dropping:

So far most things are working so there isn’t anything to drop now.

The goal for the next 10 days:


If you missed the $7.50 sale the first time for $100,000 in 30 Days, head over to: https://sixfigchick.samcart.com/products/100000-in-30-days

And for any of the classes go to: http://thesixfigurechick.co/earn-with-cici

Alright guys if you have any questions, drop them in the comments.