3 Things I've Done To Earn Consistent Income!

Can you believe Spring is already here and that the first quarter will be wrapping up in just a few days.  I'm spending the last 10 days doing some massive Spring cleaning in my mailing list and Facebook groups, so do me a quick favor before we dive into today's content.

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Alright on to the content!!

This year I have earned $90,939.34 from digital products and essentially hooking my brain to put it nicely. I've provided business tools to new and established entrepreneurs that have taught them to grow their brands, understand their audiences, create products, and make social media much less scary.   It has been a fun journey for the most part. Even with the mistakes,  I've learned a lot and am growing daily into a better brand. So what can I share with you, read on. :)

1. Offer multiple forms of payment, unfortunately everyone doesn't love that Paypal bling! Adding Stripe and exploring other platforms in February, added over 500 new customers and $26,000+ to my bottom line. A few other options to try out if you're not loving Paypal are:




Google Wallet

Shopify Payments

Amazon Payments

When choosing a payment processor, check out fees, transfer times, access to international clients, and site integrations.

2. Have a product tier, and create easy tripwire products. A tripwire is basically a low cost item that gives your potential client a sample of your products. Tripwires are gateway products. They can be priced $7-$27, and should be worth much than it's price tag. That may seem counterproductive or as if you aren't getting your value but your goal is to make an ongoing client. 

My best tripwire product has been my $30K in 30 Days class that I offer for $27. (Check out more details on it here: http://bit.ly/sfc30K ). This one product alone has performed amazingly well for March, and currently has $13,100 in sales in just the last week. Why does it work well?

*It has a catchy title that is proven with my monthly sales going back the last 6 months.*

*It teaches 3 specific keys that most online businesses need.

*At just $27, it's low enough to show value, but not so much that people will feel as if they have to mortgage their homes for the information.

*Great feedback, I post consistent testimonials and comments from those who have taken the class and what they've learned.

The tripwire has led to booking more consults, and other products.

3. Following up with current and previous clients. There is an art to following up and for many it can seem tedious but there is money to be made simply by circling back to potential clients, prospects, and abandoned carts. Keep in mind we are easily distracted so often we mean to complete a purchase but just need a nice reminder. Following up should be part of all sales funnels. and don't feel as if you are being too salesy or spammy, in business you can't be afraid to connect with your buyers.

As I typed this out I realized I have a few more than 3 lol so I'll be dropping more content over the next few days.

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