How I Made Profit from My Blog and Business Last Month!

Hi! So if you're reading this, you probably have a blog or online business and are looking to increase sales or profits. One of the most frequent questions I receive is how exactly do I make money from my social media platforms. Today's post will break that down for you, so let's get started. How did I make $31,000 in one month through my blog? Read on...

  1. I provide solutions.  For the Six Figure Chick, I offer eBooks, Coaching, Webinars, and eCourses that teach the basics of creating an appealing, as well as marketable brand. I design, create and offer plans that solve a solution for my audience. Instagram is my expert platform so I consistently ask what struggles my audience faces and cater my products to creating solutions. 

2. I focus on a specific niche that needs my services. Choosing a targeted audience and products creates fans and buyers.  Concentrating on one niche allows you to build your foundation to build future products. This also lends to repurposed content. As my audience grows there will always be new entrepreneurs entering my platform so repurposing or in this case bundling my content allows for a better experience and quickly builds trust in my brand by offering an amazing value.

3. I use my blog as a platform to provide information and general business advice that works for all brands creating value in my offerings. My ideal clients are also my ideal readers, so its a double benefit showcasing my knowledge and providing they want to learn.

4. I price according to my ideal client. Market researching and defining who I am trying to reach goes a long way. After some hits and misses, I discovered the best price ranges for me. This enabled me to cater to the majority of my audience as well as offer personalized strategies for the higher tiers.

5. Promotions. A scared brand is rarely going to make a big impact, so I am not afraid to promote my brand on a regular basis. Be creative with promotions to have the best impact for example if I were to promote my Ultimate Guide to Instagram eBook.

Day 1- Post cover of book and explain what's inside.

(Call to Action- What do you want to learn about Instagram.)

Day 2- Post testimonial from results from eBook.

(Call to action- Tag a fellow entrepreneur who needs to grow their business)

Day 3- Share a printed copy of eBook on my desk or while working with a client.

(Call to action- Head over to my website to grab your copy today.)

Day 4- Share video flip through of book.

(Call to action- Let's do a quick Q&A, DM me any questions you have about Instagram branding!)

Day 5- Offer to send sneak preview to mailing list.

(Join the mailing list and get the first 10 pages of the eBook FREE!)

Want to learn how to create this for your brand?

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