3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Engagement This Weekend!

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Engagement This Weekend!


Hey Rich Family!

It's the weekend which we know for most entrepreneurs doesn't mean it's time to take a break but time to grind harder. For those of us who use social media as a way to build our businesses the weekends can be one of the best times to profit. 


There are more people using social media from Friday to Sunday than through most of the week. Why is that? Keep in mind for those non business owners the weekend is a time to relax, catch up on things, and just in general focus on things that are non work related. This can be Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest and if your business is on any or all of these platforms, guess who has more chances to connect to their audience AND make more sales? 

--------------------------> Your Business<--------------------------


So how do you tap into this?

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#1- Host a scavenger hunt on your website or Instagram page. 

I love looking for things and it's a great way to involve your audience, expose your products, and not have to be overly salesy. You can base the scavenger hunt on fun facts about your business, your favorite brands, or about your audience. Offer a prize related to your services or products.

For Example:

Get To Know the Chick Scavenger Hunt:

What is my twitter handle?

What are my brand colors?

When did the Six Figure Chick Begin?

What's one thing you have learned from my page?

You can create a graphic in Canva, (this took seriously about two minutes to make, as you know Canva is Bae!)

the six figure chick scavenger hunt


Prize: 1 Brand to submit all of the correct answers and share the post to their page will win a 30 Minute Pick My Brain session, ($197 Value.)


2. Give Love to Get Love.


When was the last time you gave a genuine shout out or recommendation to another business? This is a great way to build your community and pay good business karma forward as well.


rich chicks you should know about

Choose two or three businesses whose work you genuinely go ga-ga over. 

For example, I love:

@brandmyboutique who has been my logo designer for the last three years and built two of my first sites. Her work is always professional and her turn around time is amazing. She can take any idea you have and create an amazing finished products, and I know I've sent her some questionable design requests. 

@missbfab is my Squarespace person, after too many sleepless nights and being intimidated by Squarespace after seeing her site I handed over all of my digital worries and I'm so glad I did. My site came out amazing and it has been so simple to customize it to what I wanted.

@trendysocialiate is one of the few people I follow on Periscope, not only is her hair often quite awesome, she gives you advice you can start implementing immediately to start finding your purpose. 

3. Host a Q&A Session

host a question and answer session.

Did you know so many sales are missed by simply seeming unapproachable? With an online platform it can be hard to "try before you buy"  but hosting a Q&A session not only makes your business seem more approachable but you will often be able to answer the burning questions of your audience in one short session. Bonus points because many of them will often have the same question but maybe they are too afraid to ask or don't know how. The sessions can be held through webinar, twitter chat, Periscope, Snap, Instagram Stories or a simple comment below form. 

How will you connect with your audience this weekend? I would love to hear if you try any of tips out!!  Have other topics you want to learn about comment below! On a mission to grow your influence and income? Don't forget to register for Richly Branded.


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