How I Started Making Money Online...

Hey Rich Family!!!

Before I became the six figure chick, or even had dreams of six figure anything I was just like many of you. In a job that didn't care about me, no chances of growing with the company because I could barely stand coming in each day, making just enough money to live paycheck to paycheck, and overall just not very happy. Making ends meet seemed to mean after giving a place I didn't like more time than I spent with my family every two weeks there was still barely enough in my bank account to treat someone to the 2 for $20 at Applebee's. Bills got paid, but I wasn't living, I was simply getting by. Sound familiar?

In my case the situation truly took a turn for the worse when I was diagnosed with cancer and that meant the checks that were barely making ends meet went to zero while on medical leave. I'm sharing this because situations such as this will leave you with one of two options. Fight like hell to make something happen, or give up, and I'm not a quitter. Who knew that the answer was sitting right in the palm of my hand?

Using Instagram to share my story and journey led me to doing something that I didn't even have a name for at the time. (branding.)Sharing free recipes and the information I was learning (providing value) and being genuine in my story (creating connections) led me to much more than I could have ever imagined. From sharing the recipes, people were asking me for more details, grocery lists, different combos, what if I don't eat this,benefits, etc. and they were asking to pay for the answers. (your audience will ask to buy when they understand your purpose.) This led to my first eBook. Looking back on what I accomplished with just Open Office and Paint is absolutely amazing :), compared to what I've learned in Canva and other design apps. (start before you're ready)and people still purchased it, got great results, and shared their results! (build your community, word of mouth is invaluable.)

Instagram and Paypal soon became my new best friends after a few months not only was I seeing consistent profits from selling eBooks and had grown to offering monthly challenge, but I began to see more income from my "side business" than I did from my full time job. Nearly a year in, I was seeing $5000-$8000 consistently each month, and this all happened AFTER putting in time with my 9-5. The best part was the after work didn't feel like work. Creating content, building new plans, researching,and testing out new strategies was FUN! I could easily stay up to 1 or 2 am.

After a year and a half(totalling over $175,000 in profit, over 7 times what I would have made from my job,) I became a full time business owner January 29,2015 and to date I've crossed the $600,000 mark and haven't looked back. Still providing my favorite content and teaching what I love my business has grown to working full time with other business owners who want to make their way on social media.

Is that you? I am opening my new course Richly Branded today. It is in my opinion the best program I have ever put together and I believe it's because after all of the shifts in business lately, there is no way I can't take it back to day 1 and teach exactly what has worked for me. Knowing my people, speaking their language, creating my strategy from the information and then reinvesting in my brand.

The course will be spaced out over 4 weeks, and you will have the opportunity to revisit any of the lessons you would like. Starting on August 29th, you will receive a weekly Masterclass and workbook focused on the topic of the week. Each class will be prerecorded so there is no worrying about schedule conflicts, time zones, etc. You can learn at your own pace. There will be weekly office hours during the course which are set only up for questions.

The course will be $147 for early registration (until August 22nd) and then $197. Today only you can save and sign up for $97 through the link below.  Feel free to comment any questions below!


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