1 Easy Way to Get Grow Engagement on Instagram

Hey Rich Chick!

I've been getting this question asked constantly on Periscope and Instagram. How do you get your audience to engage with your on Instagram? I'll be the first to admit it takes time to grow your following and learn how to create the content that pushes your audience to go from likes to comments and on to sales. It's a consistent effort but in the end the results are more than worth it. Check out the video below that is one of five bonus videos that are going out to those who have purchased: The Ultimate Guide to Instagram.

I also wanted to extend a quick Welcome to those joining the 30 Days, 30 Ways Challenge beginning next week! The course is full of videos like the one below, worksheets, challenges, and everything you need to become an Instagram pro. Once you enroll in the course make sure you check out the bonus material in the welcome section. If you have any issues logging in, email admin@therichchicks.com! If you have not enrolled yet go to: Rich Chicks Academy