$7K in 7 Days Challenge


MAY 1ST- MAY 5TH, 2018.

Are you ready to increase your digital product sales and grow your online presence with social media?

Join me in this 5 day challenge that counts down to the Live With Cici membership launch!

In the 5 day challenge you will learn:

Day 1- How to Set  $7K In 7 Day Goal. 

Understand your stats and products.

Day 2- Get Visible! They Can't Buy What They Don't Know About.

Blogs/FB Groups/FB Pages/Pinterest/Instagram

Day 3- Stories That Sell and It Goes Down In The DMs

How to use your stories to boost your sales.

Day 4- Live Is Lit

How to use your Live to build trust and secure the bag.

Day 5- How To Get Off Social Media- The Emails You Need to Send

How to build your email list and create ongoing sales.

Who is this challenge for?

Digital entrepreneurs and service providers who offer online products such as eBooks, webinars, consults, Masterclasses, online workshops, etc.

Entrepreneurs that have products in place and want to learn how to increase their sales on a daily basis.

Entrepreneurs that are active in their business and want to increase their exposure.

Entrepreneurs who need a better email marketing plan. 

Entrepreneurs who want to understand their analytics and how to use them to gain more sales.

Entrepreneurs who are ready to tackle going Live and use their Instagram Stories/DM.

This challenge is not for:

New businesses who do not have a product in place.

Those who do not have an email list.

Those who won't face their fear of going Live.

Those who don't want to do the work required to build a profitable business.

Do you belong in the challenge?

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